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Applying MIRAGE® Color shifting Paint

We got it, now you can get it. It's called MIRAGE®, but it's real. It's color-shifting paint in an aerosol can. Trick out your ride with MIRAGE®. Create a look that's all your own. Available in five color kits — purple/green, gold/magenta, silver/green, red/blue or ice. The three step system is easy to use. Bored with the same old color, put some MIRAGE® on your ride.

Base Coat Application

Dupli-Color® MIRAGE® Lacquer Base Coat is exclusively formulated to provide an even, black basecoat under MIRAGE® Mid-Coat Color (MP200 series). This lacquer black base coat is essential to achieve the desired color effect found in the MIRAGE® Mid-Coat Color.

Step 1:

Prepare surface by removing dirt, grease, wax, oil, scale, moisture, rust and loose paint.

Step 2:

Before spraying, lightly sand surface and remove sanding dust.

Step 3:

Mask all adjacent surfaces to protect from overspray.

Step 4:

Spray 8" - 12" from surface in a sweeping motion. Apply 2-3 thin coats, rather than one heavy coat. Allow base coat to dry 15 to 30 minutes before applying MIRAGE® Mid-Coat Color.

Color Application

Dupli-Color® MIRAGE® Mid-Coat Color is an exclusive high quality acrylic lacquer which changes color depending on light, angle and surface contour. It can be used on cars, trucks, bikes, helmets, skateboards and other applications where dramatic color changes are desired.

Step 5:

Apply 3-6 coats, or until desired color has been achieved. The more coats applied, the greater the change.

Step 6:

Allow MIRAGE® Mid-Coat Color to dry 2-5 minutes between coats.

Clear Top Coat Application

Dupli-Color® MIRAGE® Top Coat Clear is exclusively formulated to provide a durable high gloss lacquer finish over the MIRAGE® Mid-Coat Color. It maximizes the effect of the MIRAGE® Mid-Coat Color finish. Allow the MIRAGE® Mid-Coat Color (MP200 series) to dry 20-30 minutes before applying MIRAGE® Top Coat Clear (Part No. MP300).

Step 7:

To spray, hold can 8"-12" from surface. Apply first coat lightly to prevent blotching of the pained area. Apply 2-3 coats of MIRAGE® Top Coat Clear.

Step 8:

Allow surface to become tacky or dry between coats.

Step 9:

Dry to touch in 2 hours, handle in 24 hours.

Step 10:

If necessary, after 48 hours, use a mild rubbing compound to enhance surface gloss. Wax if necessary.

Important Notes:

Use at room temperature (70º) and when humidity is under 50% for best results. Avoid spraying in humid conditions, may cloud. Shake can vigorously for 2 minutes. Repeat for 10 seconds after each minute of use.

Clean Up:

Clean spray valve immediately after use by turning can upside down and spraying until clear gas comes out. If spray button becomes clogged, wipe off orifice with lacquer thinner. DO NOT use stick pins or wire into can opening.

What you'll need

Dupli-Color® MIRAGE® Color-Shifting Paint Kit (3 cans)

3M Painters Pre-Tape (#306687)

Wet Sandpaper (400 grit)

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