Applying Wheel Coatings
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Applying High Performance Wheel Coating

Dupli-Color® High Performance Wheel Coating provides a premium, original equipment, metallic finish for all aluminum and steel wheels, as well as plastic hub caps.

Step 1:

Remove wheel or hub cap from vehicle.

Step 2:

Prepare surface by removing dirt, grease, wax, rust and loose paint. Be sure surface is dry.

Step 3:

Scuff surface with red scuff pad. Remove sanding dust.

Step 4:

Mask tire and surrounding areas to avoid overspray.

Step 5:

Shake can vigorously for 2 full minutes after mixing ball moves freely. Shake often to maintain color uniformity. Use when can and surface temperatures are between 59º and 85ºF. Do not paint when humidity is high.

Step 6:

Test on a hidden area for spray technique and color. To spray, hold can 10-12 inches from surface. Use steady, even strokes, keeping can parallel to the surface throughout the stroke. Allow paint to become tacky between coats.

Step 7:

Recoat within 2 hours. Several thin coats will result in a better finish rather than one heavy coat.

Step 8:

After use, invert can and spray until only clear gas comes out. If spray button becomes clogged, pull off and clean. DO NOT stick pins or wire into the can opening. Replace spray button firmly with valve opening pointed away from you.

Step 9:

For added gloss and durability, recoat Dupli-Color® High Performance Wheel Coating in 1-2 hours with WP103 High Performance Clear. Spray 1-2 thin coats. Let dry 10 minutes between coats. Wrinkling may appear if WP103 High Performance Clear is sprayed after recommended recoat time. Do not apply a clear lacquer over wheel paint.

What you'll need

Dupli-Color® High Performance Wheel Coating (WP100, WP101 or WP102)

Dupli-Color® High Performance Clear (WP103)

Dupli-Color® Grease & Wax Remover (CM540-CM542)

Red scuff pad, tape and masking paper

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