Using Scratch Fix 2in1™

How to Use Your Scratch Fix 2in1™ Pen

The new Scratch Fix 2in1™ features a unique dual applicator function. One applicator, a Roller Ball pen tip, is a precision tool for fine chips and scratches. The second applicator is the Taper-Tip™ brush, which allows pinpoint or broad stroke use and can be used at any angle.

Step One
Unscrew black cap from tube.

Step Two
Remove and discard orange insert.

Step Three
Screw black cap on tube and shake pen vigorously for proper color match.

Step Four
Activate Roller Ball by pressing down on tip while moving pen. Practice technique before doing repair.
Step One
Hold pen vertically and tap lightly until paint flows.
Step Two
Hold pen vertically and submerge into lacquer thinner. Tap lightly until paint flows.
Step Three
Remove black cap. Soak black cap in lacquer thinner. After soaking, re-apply black cap to bottle. Holdvertically and tap lightly until paint flows.
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